Hints and Tips

Choosing your florist

One of the best recommendations is from a recently married relative or friend
 A good florist:
  • Will not try to get you to have what she wants to make her life easier but will listen to you knowing that what you choose will reflect your personality.
  • Will not try to get you to spend more than you can afford so be upfront from the start.
  • Will confirm your booking in writing with a full description of all your requirements explaining payment timings and methods.
  • You will receive a detailed quote with all it includes so you won’t get any nasty shocks later.
  • Would be happy to meet you at your marriage and reception venues to discuss your ideas for their decoration.
  • Will contact  all venues  to arrange access and delivery times.
  • She will work hard to assure you that she is on your wavelength knowing the look you would like.
  • Hope that you will consider any suggestions she may make. Sometimes things just won’t work.
  • Will keep in regular contact with you meeting up again about 1 month before your big day to go over everything again and to confirm delivery details etc
  • Will instruct you how to care for your flowers once they have been delivered, how to hold them and how to display them at the reception.
  • Never minds how many times you phone, text or email with little extras.
  • Will happily suggest ways of multi-using flowers.
  • Will leave you totally confident that the flowers you have ordered.
  • Will be delivered on time, in perfect  condition, looking gorgeous.

Your Budget
There are always ways to save money. As a rough guide expect your flowers to take up 5% – 10% of your overall budget.
  • Complicated designs WILL means more money – consider this!
  • Try to stick to seasonal flowers if you can, they will be in  abundance and a bit cheaper.
  • Choose the date of your wedding with care.  The cost of flowers  will shoot up around Mothering Sunday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  Prices will also increase during the traditional ‘Wedding’ season,  i.e.  June, July and August.
  • Have what you want – it’s your day- an alternative can always be found if your style is bigger than your purse.
  • If you have got your heart set on a particular flower but it is quite expensive, use it sparingly, just in your bouquet.
  • Find out if there is another wedding taking place on the same day as yours, if so,  you may be able to share the cost of your church flowers.  Stay with neutral colours, cream, white, green and you can’t go wrong.
  • Some of your flowers can be used twice.   Pew-ends can be used to decorate light fittings or door handles as well as doubling up as table centres.
  • Be honest about your budget. To achieve  an impact have lots of vases with masses of greenery and grasses with less flowers.
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