About Us

So much has changed over the 35 plus years they I have been working with flowers but nothing has changed as much as the need to conserve the world in which we live. I try very hard not to use any materials that cannot be recycled or that aren’t biodegradable. It is necesary sometimes and for thisI apoligise. I truly believe that because no one person can do it all it is up to all of us do whatever we can however small that may be, it all adds up.

  • All orders taken by Four Leaf Clover Flowers will be fulfilled using the least possible unnecessary products that cannot be recycled or degraded.
  • All waste created will be composted or disposed of responsibly.
  • All paper used for promotional purposes, wrapping, cards etc is purchased from a company using woodpulp only from sustainably managed forests.

Please view our terms and conditions.

Ring: 07776122680
email: fourleafcloverflowers@hotmail.com
6 Cross Street
North Devon
EX39 1BS
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